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Located in Oneida Park—a gathering place for Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood—just north by northwest of Denver School of the Arts and Johnson & Wales University.
Look for Torpedo guy. You can’t miss!

About Torpedo

Torpedo Coffee is a locally-owned coffee shop in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. It’s also the actualization of a dream.

After years of working in corporate America, Kyle Wells decided to give up the secure, though mundane, life of working for a large company. He dreamed of owning a coffee shop with his wife and partner, Fallene Wells. Already experienced in small business ownership with their salon, Let Em Have It, Fallene (hair stylist, Risk Taker) was encouraging. Most everyone else said, “A coffee shop?! But you have a good job, why would you leave?” and “Running a small business is hard.”

But the restlessness in corporate life grew, so when the perfect spot became available in Oneida Park, Kyle remembered a quote from his days in the Navy.

“Damn the Torpedoes…Full Speed Ahead!” -Rear Admiral Farragut in the Battle of Mobile Bay

For Kyle and Fallene, this made a lot of sense. Sure, the day job was pretty good, but it was not fulfilling, so it was time to take the risk and Damn the Torpedoes…go for it!

Torpedo Coffee is all about coffee, community, and connections. It is great coffee without the attitude. We want to inspire our community to go for it, Full Speed Ahead—and if you can pursue your dreams with a quality cup of coffee and a breakfast burrito, well, we can’t think of anything better!

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Work with other latte lovers in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Coffee is a perk. No drips allowed!